Anyway to backup before going to 4.4.4?

I saw the notice for untethered Seas0nPass for 4.4.4 and was thinking about giving it a try.  But, I’m not using the Media Center and its cataloged all my movies and videos and working well.  Is there any way to backup the setup before I redo the jailbreak so that I don’t have to reconfigure everything and have it re-catalogue my media library?   

The backup option on the Maintenance menu claims to backup all 3rd party app settings. However, I must admit I have not validated it myself except for the FireCore apps.

Well the Media Player is a Firecore App, so I guess I’ll give it a try.  Not the end of the world if it doesn’t work because the Media Player setup is pretty easy.  Not like having to recreate an XBMC or Plex setup.

have you done this yet? did it save your XBMC settings also?

I’ve not tried it yet.  I also don’t use XBMC… just the Firecore Media Player.

I used the backup/restore option before upgrading last week. It didn’t save things exactly as expected however I didn’t have to reinstall repos in xbmc. When I went to install add-ons it was already in the list to install. All I had to do was install the add-ons.

Also my local server settings remained as they were. It seemed to be worth the effort. I only did a normal backup too. I didn’t do a complete as after 20 minutes of waiting I got inpatient and quit waiting.

Hope this helps

Great! Thanks for letting me know! That really helps.