Anyone's background indexing working on infuse (latest) and TVOS 13?

I saw background indexing was listed as a new feature but don’t see it working at all? Am I misunderstanding what background indexing means? I was hoping it would index new content without the app having to be open?

I tried just checking periodically to see if it had been done in the background and also tried opening infuse, letting it start indexing and then going back to the main ATV menu and checking whether it carried on indexing. Didn’t seem to work under either scenario…

There was another thread regarding this somewhere. The indexing isn’t immediate. It gets put into apples background task schedule and then is executed whenever Apple sees fit.

Starting from Infuse v6.1.6, we are using the BackgroundTasks API to perform some housekeeping tasks in the background. The API is based on the concept of ‘requests’ so the execution time is not guaranteed, but it’s still a good thing to have.

When the app is closed with an indexing or download operation in the pipeline, Infuse will ask the system to grant some background time. The actual chunk of time allocated appears to be pretty short (under 5 min). For some longer tasks (like indexing), Infuse may request a few in a row to complete the job.

If the app is exited with no tasks ready for execution, Infuse will ask the system to schedule background activity every 60 minutes. This is potentially useful for things like incremental library updates.

The exact criteria of when background tasks are allowed is not publicly known, but it’s clear the system grants this background time only when certain factors are met. Our guess is it is looking for things like battery level (iOS), device temperature, and overall device load.

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That makes sense, thanks for the detailed reply.

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