Anyone managed to get the new trakt resume feature working on aTV?

I have tried using the new trakt feature in 2.5 which is supposed to allow you to sync the position you have watched to trakt to allow watching to be resumed on another device.

I have tried watching on iPad & resuming on ATV, watching on ATV and resuming on iPad and also watching on aTV and resuming on another aTV … None of which have successfully resumed from where I had stopped watching but instead started from the beginning.

All devices show them selves as successfully logged into trakt.

So I was wondering if anyone else has successfully managed to use this trakt resume watching on another device feature on the ATV?

Is this happening with Movies, TV Shows or both?

I had previously only tried it with TV series.

However I have now tried it with a couple of films … Most attempts failed to work. But once I was able to stop watching on my ATV and resume watching on my iPad; however despite several attempts with the same and different films I was unable to get it to do another resume.

A few trakt related improvements will be available in the next few days which should help overall reliability. These are the same improvements that were added in the 3.21 version of Infuse for iOS.

For TV shows however, you will need to ensure your TV show folder(s) have the correct content type set. This will ensure proper metadata is fetched/displayed, and will ensure Infuse knows what to sync with trakt. Infuse syncs everything by TMDb/TVDb ID, so only the fetched metadata info matters (what you see in Infuse will be what’s synced).

More info on setting content types can be found here.

We’ve just released an Infuse for Apple TV update (2.5-554) which has a handful of trakt related improvements which should help with trakt sync/resume features.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

With the latest ATV and iOS Infuse updates I am now successfully able to pause TV episodes on one device and resume on a different device … Thanks for the updates.

Great! Thanks for following up.