anyone know why my infuse 5 won't load network shares on iPad?

I have my 2 iPads on the same network as my appleTV’s, but when I open infuse on iPad’s, and go to find shares, the same one that shows up on appleTV and iPhone does not show up on iPad. Anyone know why?

Have you defined the shares using ip addresses or host names? If you’re using host names, it could be they’re not resolving properly on your iPad.

no, I just went to more, selected add network share, and expected the shares to show up like they did on my iPhone and appleTV

Just to clarify, you’re not using the iCloud sync function that syncs share definitions across all your devices?

So on your iPad, you tapped the “…” button in the top right corner, then tapped Add Files? I’m not sure where the More link is you refer to.

Yes I am using the iCloud sync feature, and yes I am tapping the add files button in the top left corner.

ok if you’re using iCloud Sync then any shares you define on one device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) will show up on any other devices, as long as those other devices are using the same iCloud login. Go to the iPad and check iCloud settings in iOS settings and double check that the listed iCloud ID matches.