Anyone got nitotv BTstack package working to add a keyboard?

BTStack is showing up as one of the featured packages under nitotv's install software section. Previously, I could find ch.ringwald.keyboard-atv through search. BTstack installs the ch.ringwald.keyboard-atv anyway.

I could not activate this package. I've tried typing the command "keyboardd" through terminal but it gets stuck and does not pair with a keyboard as a video shown on october about the BTStack port. Also tried "BTServer".


Anyone got it working?

I'm on 4.1.1 tethered jailbreak and atv flash black beta2.




Can you give detail instruction on how to do this?


Thank you in advance


Have you scrolled to settings and down to bottom, there is a customize or something, I can't remember at the moment, but its after the last "official" settings option. Sorry for vagueness.

But selecting this "customize" will launch a new page with options for BTStack, and also the VNC plugin if installed. Selecting BTStack will launch a page that detects "discoverable" Bluetooth devices, and you can select your keyboard from here. It will ask you to type "0000" and enter to pair the keyboard.

When this is done, using either the Apple BT keyboard or a Logitech DiNovo BT keyboard, I can use the cursor keys, enter and esc, but loading any screens with "on-screen" keyboards does not allow me to type like the videos show.

RobiV8, are you able to "type" or just navigate?



Do you guys know if any wireless Bluetooth keyboard will work or does it need to only be Apple Wireless keyboard?


I could activate it. I didn't realize there was a "custom settings" option under the "settings" menu.

I only got the arrow keys, enter and escape working; it's like a remote. I'm not able to use it to type either.


Anyway got a solution?



Any wireless keyboard will do.

However, even though my mini diNovo pairs I can only use the direction arrows, enter and ESC. I cannot use it to enter text

Oh man sorry to hear that..I am planning to get the iPazzaPort mini wireless keyboard...


An update showed up for the BTStack under NitoTV's install software section about 2 days ago; dunno about a change log.

I did install the update but connecting a wireless keyboard to the iphone and using the remote app is still the only way to use the keyboard to type not just navigate.



strange thing is I see all the devices under the BT Stack devices page. However I cannot select any of them.