Anyone else having issues with Netflix since yesterday (9/15/14)?

Since yesterday evening I have not been able to access Netflix, error ATV-ui511-3 or ATV-ui511-2. I can log in and out of netflix as much as i like. My account works on other devices (laptop, ipad, iphone) but I can not play any titles. Called netflix, they told me to call apple, which i am avoiding since i jailbroke the atv2. Any suggestions?

Yes, same issue here. It started yesterday. Netflix works fine on my iPad (non jail broken) but not on my ATV2.

Yes, I’m having the same issues.

Hoping I don’t have to revert to my WD Live for ISO playback, but I NEED netflix to work. (Cut the cord and two kids under 6)

Same here, “ATV-ui511-3” error any time I try play a netflix video. It started yesterday. I am able to browse the menus and use the client as usual, but all video I have tried fails.

Anyone from FireCore have any insight into this?

Same problem here. Until this is fixed you can watch titles by using the play/pause button on the remote instead of the select button - at least that works for me.

FireCore seasonpass only helps in the jailbreak, they have nothing to do with the firmware or netflix.

Netflix is no longer supported on atv2 firmware versions older than 5.3

In order for Netflix to work again you’ll need to update your firmware or rejailbreak on 5.3 while apple is still signing it.

Update: I am able to watch netflix now. I made no changes, and I’m not pressing different buttons on the remote. I’m on 5.0.2, I guess (that’s what teh About page says).

Thanks amish, indeed Netflix is up and running again on all 5.X versions. I’m guessing they received a lot of complaints over this from customers threatening to cancel their subscription.

Working for me again too, very odd.