anyone else get this when installing?

"Installation failed, Sorry the intstaller could not connect to your AppleTV"

even though I just picked it and it see it?

any help appreciated

I'm getting the same error how it is happening when I start ATV Flash.  It won't see my ATV2 no matter what I have tried.  I have confirmed that my ATV is on the network, can see the Internet trailers and is even able to connect to my shared library.  AirPlay is also enabled.

:(I'm having same problem as you two.Had a big problem just trying it to jailbreak it.Then when I finally got it jailbroken,I THOUGHT I WAS HOME FREE!!     WROOOONNNGGGGG!!

Mine shows up in Itunes,I can play my stuff from the computer to the ATV. They are connected!     

:(>>>  WTF  >>> :(

I'm really starting to Realize I WASTED $20 hard earned BUCKS, NOT TO MENTION THE HOURS WASTED:(


> CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW,THIS IS WHAT I GET   <                                 



That's slightly different to one I got, I have put in a support ticket to ask, EXACTLY what OS woks with what SeasonPass and What TV Flash and have they actually tested it to see that it works

I also noticed that my Airplay had stopped working after Jailbreaking to yesterday I restored it through Itunes back to it's original self and now am going to wait until at least I get a reply before trying again...

Really didn't think it woiuld be this hard!!!