Anyone able to create a pretty artwork here?


A new feature allowing us to have custom artworks for favourite is coming. I was wondering if anyone would be able to “re-create” the artworks used in the Plex app for categories, which I think, are really pretty and perfect to add as “movies” and “tv shows” folders in Infuse. The size have to be 1920x1080.
Here is a link :


I can, but I wouldn’t be able to directly copy. I can make new ones, but is this just a personal thing? If enough people want me to, I will.

I don’t like those specifically, but I made some my own (but I like those less :wink: ).
Would be nice if there were a topic where people could share their art.

Great idea! Lets pop them in here. I’m an (ageing) UI designer so have loads of icons kicking around that never made it into the world.

Does anyone know if you can give them that parallax effect like they have in iMovies? I’m assuming you layer up PNG files…?

I’ve got my very quick edits here: Dropbox - File Deleted
I am not satisfied yet. I used the Infuse logo colours but they are way to orange. Also I don’t know if I like the logo + text thing.

Didn’t add labels as I guess they’ll still appear underneath…? (Kids, TV, Movies, Documentary)

I finally managed to do it myself… Here are mines :

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Looks nice. I stuck on using fanart of my favorite movies/tv shows for my shares.

I made this one.

Thanks for sharing but i can’t get to see the choosen pic to show up after a refresh. Where do i have to put the png and what name infuse needs to see it.

Thanks anyway.

You have to wait until the next update (later this week according to James). Only present as of version 4.0.2

Look, I’m a contributor, I get TestFlight beta.

Image must be 1920x1080 or bigger but same ratio, in PNG, and named “folder”. Then just put it in the file you chose as a favorite

Thanks. i’ll try.

I’m on the beta’s and can’t get these images to show, what am I doing wrong??

I have 3 SMB Shares each is set as a Favourite:

\Plasmas-NAS\Multimedia\Movies → Movies
\Plasmas-NAS\Multimedia\Movies 3D → Movies 3D
\Plasmas-NAS\Multimedia\TV Shows → TV Shows

I’ve placed the art work in the root folder of each share and called it “folder.png” like …

\Plasmas-NAS\Multimedia\Movies 3D\folder.png
\Plasmas-NAS\Multimedia\TV Shows\folder.png

Am I missing something?


Did you try to refresh artwork using “long press”?

These images are for folders. You can put in same directory like:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Movies.png
  • TV Shows.png
    I have only one Favorite share…and then folders for Movies, TV Shows, etc…

Thanks, like the look of these