any ways NOT to show the videos from Camera roll in the app?

Is it a way to prevent videos stored in camera roll being shown in the app? I checked that the app does not have any permission to access camera roll but somehow videos from camera roll show up.


I am using iPad 4, iOS 6.0.0.

Currently there is no way to prevent that. I posted in the suggestion topic asking for such an option in a future update.

By chance are you also running iOS 6.0? We’re not seeing this behavior here on iOS 6.1+.




i am running 6.0.0. Does your company have the plan to port the functionality to users who runs 6.0? i do not want to upgrade to 6.1+ due to poor battery usage.

Thanks for the info. It’s not intended behavior, so we’ll see if we can replicate (and fix) the problem on iOS 6.0.

No I’m running iOS 6.1 but now that you mentioned it I saw I didn’t read well enough the question of the open poster. I was talking about the video/film stored in the iPad video app, not those in the camera roll. My bad, sorry.

Ok, so what you’re seeing is actually intended behavior. However, we’ve heard from people on both sides that want more importing from iTunes and from people (such as yourself) who want less, so we’ll probably look at adding a toggle setting in a future version.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: