Any way to sort TV shows by name?


I have multiple tv shows with fetched data. Each tv show is displayed as one item and metadata looks correct, but i have multiple problems with sorting:

  1. If folder contains only one season it is displayed as “Season 1” in the list and all tv shows have the same name and can’t be sorted correctly.
  2. If folder contains multiple seasons it is displayed as folder in the list with original folder named. All folders are always displayed in the beginning of the list that also breaks sorting. Also folder looks ugly without poster and requires manual images downloading.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

I noticed this too… so I just created a folder called ‘Season 01’ and put all the episodes inside so the top level sorting works.
It does mean 2 clicks to get to the episodes though.

What i did is to create my own folder as a personal preference because sorting features for channels are not available i think.

One way to improve this is to use the Library to browse your shows. This will ensure everything is sorted correctly, with artwork displayed at all levels (series, season, and episode).