Any way to not have Delete option hidden under More?

This is me being fussy…but when I look at a movie via the app, I use “Play”, don’t ever use “Rate”, not going to be using playlists…but now the frequently used “Delete” is an extra step down, hidden under “More”…which requires more work by me with the remote.

Is there any way to hide some of these options or resort them?



+1 here!

I also never use „Rate“ and hardly ever „Refresh“. Those two options really should be replaced with the new PLAYLISTS and the DELETE option.

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+1 here too!



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Agreed. RATE and REFRESH should be moved to the More sub-menu.

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We’re adjusting the button order for the upcoming 6.2.1 release.

The new order will be:

  1. Play
  2. Mark as Watched/Unwatched
  3. Playlists
  4. Delete
  5. Rate
  6. Edit

Hey James ?
Can you reduce the Buttons on the Screen to 3? That means 3 Buttons + „More“…

We don’t have any plans to change this right now.

Would have preferred “Playlists” and “Rate” to be the hidden ‘More’ buttons, but hey, happy that delete is gong to be less complicated…thanks!

6.2.1 has been submitted to Apple, and should be available within the next few days! :slight_smile:

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