Any way to make Infuse respect local folders structure?

Hi guys,

This question is about folders local to the device (i.e. in the local filesystem, under …/Documents/)

Does anybody know if Infuse can be forced to respect local folders structure on the device in a similar way as it does with folders on network shares?

For example, I’d like to put a some TV shows (multiple seasons each), and a number of movies, on the device itself (which is very easy to do with j/b device).

  1. I would think that I can just create folders structure with show and movie folders as the top level, seasons folders on the next level, and then episodes on the last level.
  2. Or a different scenario - arrange shows and movies by categories (Comedy, Action, etc), and make those categories top-level folders.
  3. Whatever other structure one would fancy, as per your personal taste.

And I would expect the UI to show my top-level folders in the list (with or without a picture, depending on folder.jpg presence), and when I click on any folder - show me the list of folders and/or movies inside, and so on.

However, it looks like no matter what folders structure I create, Infuse completely disregards folders, and shows all episodes and movies in one flat list (in “list view”).
If I switch off “list view”, and if my episodes are named as recommended on, then at least my episodes are auto-grouped into seasons (which is a bit better than nothing), but it still won’t let me oganize things into any sort of logical structure.

Is anybody else trying to do something similar, and if so - do you know if there is a light in this tunnel?
Maybe developers are working on adding this as a new feature soon?


So, nobody else is looking to categorize locally stored shows and movies arbitrarily, using simple folders?

I agree with your suggestion. No one has responded to my “folder” request as well.

Please do this, sure, some users might want all there movies in one big list, but there are people out there who wish to organise their media themselves, a simple option to view by folder would be a much better idea!

Good news!

Much of this is coming in Infuse 3.4…which is current in the App Store review queue. :slight_smile: