Any way to get infuse in another language than my system?

im on a mac in french.i want infuse to be in english.possible ?

You make it difficult to find you with answers when you keep starting new threads. :rofl:

You can change the settings in Infuse from “Auto” to “English” (or what ever language you want) and that will work for Audio, Subtitles, and Metadata. The Infuse interface follows the settings of the device it’s on so if you change your Mac to English the Infuse interface will also be in English.

That’s kind of a requirement so you don’t have an app opening in a foreign language from what’s set in the devices OS. Then a user may not be able to exit it. :wink:

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thats becaue i saw you werent sure so wanted to ask it to other people instead of annoying YOU only

no chance then,thank u .shall i delete this post ?

First, all the forum areas you post in are open to all users it’s not a private thread so they can chime in if they have answers.

No don’t delete this thread, this forum is here to help users answer questions and it has a pretty robust search engine so if another users searches for a similar question they can read the answers here instead of it having to be entered again. :wink:

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Oh, and one last thing, answering questions isn’t annoying at all! That’s what makes this community and it’s users so enjoyable, the willingness to help! :+1:

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:slight_smile: thanks a lot man,good day/night ,idk :slight_smile:

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You can also change the interface language for Infuse, or any other app, in System Preferences/ Language and region (Préférences Système/ Langue et région), in the Apps tab.

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