any way to find out if my apple tv has backup file?


i got my apple tv current on 5.2.1 , wondering  i’m able to downgrade to the untethered version one ?

actually i don’t know if i got SSH blob saved somewhere? anyway to find my apple tv backup files somewhere so i can downgrade? thanks.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:415:]]what program is that ? this one can see the saved SHSHs any idea? thanks

In Seasonpass:

Right click on the IPSW software versions for which you think/hope you have signatures saved.

When you right click the IPSW icon Seasonpass checks for saved signatures. If there ARE saved signatures for any of those earlier versions, Seasonpass will begin the IPSW creation process. If there are none, you will get the message that your ATV is ineligible for the selected version.

iFaith will give you a list of saved ssh blobs.