Any way to collapse folders in Media Player?


My current movie folder is structured as follows:

  • /Movies/
  • /Movies/Thank You For Smoking (2005/
  • /Movies/Thank You For Smoking (2005)/Thank.You.For.Smoking.2005.mp4
  • /Movies/Thank You For Smoking (2005)/
  • /Movies/Thank You For Smoking (2005)/receipt.jpg
  • /Movies/Uncle Buck (1989)/
  • /Movies/Uncle Buck (1989)/Uncle.Buck.1989.mp4
  • /Movies/Uncle Buck (1989)/
  • /Movies/Uncle Buck (1989)/receipt.jpg

…and so on.

When I try to use Media Player’s grid view, it unfortunately just shows me the folder icon instead of the cover art of the movie within each folder. I know I could add a folder.jpg to every movie folder to get the cover art working, but that wouldn’t also just show me the “pretty” movie title instead of the “ugly” filename.

Basically, is there any way to tell Media Player to just recursively look for the movie files inside a top-level directory, a la collapsed folders in XBMC?

We’re working to add support for organization structures such as this, and plan to have it available soon.