Any update on watched/unwatched markers.?


Is there any update on having watched/unwatched markers and views.?

I’m loving the playback now and I’m watching a lot more movies with infuse… Unfortunately i’m still having to go back to Plex for TV as it’s the only way to track what I’ve watched and where I’m up to…


We are told that support for seeing/amending this is coming in the 4.1 release although no ETA has yet been given for when that might be ready.

The current release is syncing with trakt even if it is not displaying the results. One tip with the 4.0.1 release is that if you go into a season of a TV series the one that comes up as selected is the first unwatched episode in that season and since the play button is highlighted simply pressing the trackpad starts it playing. If after watching the episode you back out and then re-enter the season the next unwatched episode Is selected ready to be played. Not as good as having proper support in the UI, but better than nothing.