Any program to detect the atv2 software version?

I’m going to be buying an ATV2 and I’d like to check the software version that’s on it before I pay for it.

Is there any program out there for a Mac that will tell me when I plug it into my MBP?

I wont be meeting somewhere I can plug it into a tv, so I’d just like to be sure before I’m sorry.

Yes its the tiny umbrella for OSX

it will even detect an atv3


Hi Blockhead, thanks for the reply.

I have that, and tried it, but I didnt see it, or any info for that matter.

I’m obviously doing something wrong. Where do I look, and I guess… how should I have the ATV2 hooked up?

With just the usb, or usb and power?



Well i went back and did it again.

But this time I plugged the power cord in first, waited 10 sec or so then the usb and… bam there it was.


i’m glad it worked