Any plans for customisable gesture controls?

It’s really the only thing holding me back from using it full time.

For example, I personally don’t want to control brightness (would prefer volume on either side of screen) and would love to turn that off rather than all gesture controls.

In addition it would be great if a single tap in a specific area could be the Pause control. Eg Single tap in the lower left and/or lower right quadrant. I find the current two-finger tap to be “hit & miss” - sometimes it takes me 3-4 tries before pause actually happens.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll see what we can do.

Any chance this is still on a to-do list somewhere :P?

I’m not sure how you would feel about this, but since I really wanted to use Infuse and wanted volume control on both sides of the screen, I actually created a Cydia Substrate tweak to do it shortly after posting this topic. It was super easy:

I just made the brightness adjuster change volume instead

-(void) changeBrightnessBy:(float)arg1{
[self changeVolumeBy:arg1];

Now it’s really the only reason I jailbreak my iPad, and would love to know if you put in any more thought about supporting this in a future version?

Looking at the methods, I don’t really understand why it would be too hard to add the option to choose what side of the screen does what (Volume, Brightness, None).