Any plan to have Infuse cast directly to TV sets (like LG TVs) like other apps such as Plex, iPlayTO, ArkMC, TV Assist and more?

My TV is a DNLA certified Smart TV…

How do I get Infuse PRO 4 or 5 to stream to it from iOS? Right now all I can do is AirPlay through Apple TV.

Appreciate it if anyone who can help.


Right now it is impossible. Infuse only supports playback to TV through Chromecast or Apple TV. So you actually need to purchase one of those modules. Somehow it appears that Firecore is not fully aware of the DLNA standard which allows the exact same functionality as Apple TV & Chromcast for playback straight to TV (as in competitive software namely nPlayer, iPlayTo, ArkMC Pro, TVAssist which routinely become free every now and then!).

I couldn’t find out what exact technologies/libraries mentioned in this thread apps used, but there’s an opensource library that allows casting media to most TVs and other devices, not requiring Chromecast or Apple TV.

Devs, could you please please please look into this?

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Please DEV have this feature implemented and finally really release INFUSE from the shackles of having to buy a Chrome Cast or Apple TV.

I used an appletv to make my old tv smart. Infuse purchased, fantastic app. But now bought a new LG smart tv and sold my appletv.
The only thing I miss is infuse. a infuse app would be really great.

Agree. Would love to have an Infuse app for my Samsung UHD KS8000. Firecore, please make this happen!!

Wouldn’t this require to develop an app for each tv brand? I know nothing about smart tv (I only use an Apple TV) but arent there a different OS for each manufacturer?

No. It is a feature of DLNA. If your SmartTV supports DLNA it most likely can act like a AppleTV or Chromecast. Very well known apps support that type of casting such as Plex / iPlayTo / ArkMC and several others. Give their demo a try to see what I am talking about.

Sorry for bumping this thread but I am looking forward so much to this feature!


I was wondering if this feature will be released in next updates or even in Infuse 6


Please make it happen and I will buy a life long license.

It’s way worse than that…

Never mind trying to deal with what software version the tv is using ( latest android tv, last years, several years ago as the tv manufacturer can’t be bothered/ intersted in supplying updates…) you have the issue of what mediocre processor and shonky media player each Tv manufacturer decided to bung in their tv just so they could claim it to be ‘smart’.

I’ve the lovely Sony A8f OLED tv and even this, from the top of the range, has very weak processingpower for their smart tv functions, check out some reviews and read about slow menu respons etc… I briefly tried it, and quickly ditched it for my Apple Tv4k ( plus you can turn off all and any wifi to your tv… there are some highly dubious settings/messages about tracking/advertising deep in the Sony setup menus…)

And all these problems would come back and be laid at Firecore’s door to be dealt with, when it’s due to inadequate hardware/software of the tv with virtually non-exisitent tv oem support ( whereas Apple tv etc cana and does receive updates and fixes).

Try the ArkMCPro app or iPlayTo with your Sony TV and let me know how you feel after. Those apps work GREAT with my 6 years old LG Smart TV only down side is that those apps don’t show metadata (movie posters, synopsis and so on) like Infuse.

Once this feature is done, Infuse will be one of the best Apps ever !!!

Please guys, let this stuff works.

Are there any news about this feature? It would much welcomed if Infuse could cast directly to TV’s, using DLNA for example.

You can see all of the new features that are in the development hopper currently here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately this request is not on the works, as far as I could understand.

Hi @mozbius, thanks for replying but looking into the link you mentioned, I’m not able to see any info about DLNA on TVs.
Is this feature going to be available on Infuse 6?


I guess you are referring to @enchsined post…
Here is a screenshot that should shed some light over DLNA compatibility.

Hi buddy,

I tagged you in my last post wrongly.

Anyway, like you, I am looking forward to casting video from my iPad to my brand new LG 65UK6400PLF.
According to LG web, WebOS has DLNA so it should work.

I do not have a PRO version yet as still waiting to know if this feature is working properly so I cannot try it on my own.
Once I know this, I will get the Premium account.