Any kind of episode selection / overview for VIDEO_TS on OneDrive?

I watched my first stuff with my brand new Infuse 6 subscription and for that, i added some OneDrive folders to Infuse.

When i watch, for example, my backup of the M.A.S.H. series, i can only select a whole season, which is shown as one giant 3+ hour movie!

I cannot find a way to select singles episodes or see them even as single episodes and also, i cannot jump back and forth between episodes.

The only way to choose between episodes seems to drag on the timeline and manually find what i searched for.

I found the “Chapters” in the settings, but i really dont understand what exactly i can choose with them. Also with the fast-forward buttons or the skip-ahead buttons, i could not reach my goal ?

This is st least unexpected and i hope there are some better ways to see, select and watch epsiodes.

Am i missing something, or is this simply state of the art, currently?

Many thanks ?

Files like these are a little bit tricky, as you have one single item which may contain a handful of episodes.

By default, when playing these Infuse will choose the main ‘title’, which in this particular case appears to be a single title with all the episodes pushed together.

However, often times DVDs like this will also have titles for each episode. You can view and select from the other titles in the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Manx thanks for your reply, james!

To be honest, i am a bit underwhelmed.

My impression about Infuse was very, very good!
I am simply surprised, that there is not even some minimal menu available.

And i don’t intend to brag around, i just want to give my honest feedback.

The menu i get from draging down seems to be the iOS menu that also appears for music, right?

Using the fast forward buttons there seems to have the same effect as using the fast forward button directly on the regular Infuse controls (after tapping the screen once).

Just telling: VLC on PC offers the regular DVD menu for episodes, when started on one of those VIDEO_TS folders.

Is there any chance that this will somehow be extended?

P.S. I also watched the M.A.S.H movie, also from a VIDEO_TS folder.
Here i notice some problem several times:

My language and subtitle selection got reset several times and i needed to enter the settings to fix this!

I could send you the OneDrive links by PM, if you like to test anything ??