Any ideas when Cydia/iFaith server will be back online?

A staff member reported it should be back shortly, but its been a few hours now. I was just curious if they’res a new time table?

From what I’ve just heard its all working on Mac. It all seems odd to me. Why would it connect on Mac but not PC. It doesn’t sound like servers are down to me

Sounds like the seasonpass on windows are broken. Probably the windows version need to be recompiled with some fix similar to Mac.

Not tried it myself but people are reporting its all back up and working. I understand people are now jailbreaking again.

Yeah, it worked on windows now.
I also tested Mac yesterday and used 00.9.7. It worked (sometimes crash) in Mac when it didn’t work on windows.
Probably windows version depends on some other website while Mac don’t.

Good to hear it worked on Mac when it didn’t on PC. Ordered a Mac yesterday so got both options now. Successfully done 2 this evening. Got a bit of catching up to do.

But I’m a bit happy it’s all back up now

FYI Dec.6th and 7th, PC version still cannot be used (July 3rd’s Seas0npass v0.9.6 from Releases · firecore/Seas0nPass-Windows · GitHub).
I’m not aware of a newer version for Windows (following the previous claim that the Windows version should be recompiled).

I had a friend with a Mac to try the Seas0nPass 0.9.7 and indeed it doesn’t have the problem. So has the PC version 0.9.6 from July an obsolete access to the server?

I was happily using PC version last night (uk time) so I don’t believe there is any outstanding issue

The original problem the thread is about is when the ih8tesn0w server is down. It was certainly up yesterday

The Mac process doesn’t require this server and hence no problems

Just checked and the ih8sn0w server is currently down. So PC version will not work if it can’t access that site.

My presumption is the PC version needs to get some software from this server where as the Mac version gets it directly from the Apple TV. I admit that might be a load of rubbish but I can’t think of why it works on Mac but not PC

When fhys happened a couple of months ago I got a MacBook (£200 from eBay) and it was worth every penny