Any good reason to update to 5.1.1 (iOS 6.0.1 - 10A831)?

My jailbroken Apple TV 2 is currently running 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.1 - 9B830). I noticed from this page ( that a tethered jailbreak is available for 5.1.1 (iOS 6.0.1 - 10A831) (through SeasonPass?).

Are there important bug fixes and feature improvements in 5.1.1 (iOS 6.0.1 - 10A831) to warrant an upgrade and give up a untethered jailbreak? And is an untethered jailbreak eventually going to be available for 5.1.1 (iOS 6.0.1 - 10A831)?

You do realize though that a tethered jailbreak requires you to connect the device to a computer to boot it each time there is a power outage or you have to hard reset the device?


You can find the info here:

Yes, I’m aware of that. That’s why I was asking if the improvements were worth giving up the untethered jailbreak for. The subtitle improvements and the fixes to network performance and stability would be nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of being tethered.

Is an untethered jailbreak in the works for iOS 6 on the Apple TV 2?

For more info on AppleTV updates, see this Support Article and decide if it is a priority to upgrade.



Hi Guys


I agree with the genltlman above, it does say that there is a ‘Tethered’ Jailbreak for IOS 6 on our Apple TV 2, but for the life of me i cant find where or how.  Ive always used Seas0npass, but that doesnt support ‘AppleTV2,1_5.1.1_10A831_Restore’ (IOS 6).  Where am i going wrong guys?? i dont mind having a tethered jailbreak but i just cant find where it is or what program currently does it, any help will be (as it always is) greatly appreciated.  Ive just upgraded my subscription with Firecore to a lifetime subscription, keep up the good work guys.