Any good reason to from 4.3 to 4.4.4???

As the title says, I have no issues with fw 4.3.  Why should I upgrade to 4.4.4 or why not?



The big reason to NOT try and update to 4.4.4 is that Apple have now released 5.0 and stopped signing 4.4.4.

This means that you cannot install and jailbreak the 4.4.4 firmware unless you already have saved signatures for it (which is unlikely if you are trying to upgrade!). At the moment there is no jailbreak for 5.0, so if you upgrade you will end up with the standard 5.0 firmware and lose the ability to run the FireCore software or any other third party add-ons.

Ah thanks, that’s clear!!

I have just tried the option under Maintenance->Manage->Backups->Save Signatures using the 1.4 version of the FireCore software.  It said it had saved signatures for 4.4.4 and 5.0.   It might be interesting to see if you get the same results when you aer NOT on the 4.4.4 firmware.   If you can then it may be that I am pesimistic and you CAN upgrade to 4.4.4 via the newest SeasonPass.

Having said that, I am not prepared to experiment on my own system until there IS a jailbreak available for the 5.0 firmware.   The FireCore software is much more important to me than being on the 4.4.4 firmware so I am not prepared to risk the upgrade in an experiment that might leave me without the FireCore able to be used if the experiment goes wrong.   If we had known that Apple was going to stop signing the 4.4.4 firmware I might have done the experiment while I knew there was a regression path.

Firmware backups performed through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu will backup any firmware versions that Apple is currently signing, even though you may not actually be running that firmware.

These backups can be done manually, but are also done automatically when updating aTV Flash (black). This feature was added in the 1.3 version that was released on February 8th, so chances are if you updated to 1.3 before Apple stopped signing 4.4.4 you will have saved signatures and will be able to update.