Any ETA on 3.3.3 and full 2.2 support?

I’m holding off on updating to ATV 2.2 as well as ATVFlash 3.3.2 until the ATV Flash kinks are worked out with ATV 2.2. Any ETA on the next revision? I know 3.3.2 just came out 9 days ago but it seems to be an emergency band-aid for those that had 2.2 force-updated. 3.3.3 please?

I’m guessing it has to due with making sure all the other software included in the patch work with 2.2. I’ll check out the blogs and see if they have an ETA.


3.3.3 came out today with improved 2.2 support. ATV Files and Sapphire aren’t yet available, but should hopefully be available soon.

Thanks for the updated release, but now that ATV files and Sapphire are not available how do I go about browsing and playing movies files which are available on my USB drive attached to the ATV?

I’m still able to browse contents of the ~frontrow/Movies folder via the DVD → Files menu (this is where the afp mounts eventually appear when you follow the instructions to get afp mounts working.

I may as well add for the benefit of others that I’ve so far been unlucky mounting/streaming from a SAMBA mount and to get glitch free streaming of all content - including DVD menus - I’ve had excellent results dedicating a $70 N-network refurb Airport Express base station to an AFP mount. I have the Airport Express bridging the ethernet connection to my Mac Mini since Mac Mini is the only Intel Mac without direct support for N-networks. The wireless network I had for everything prior to this was being throttled down to B/G speeds by TiVo etc - the investment in an Airport Express has been well worth it for me - AirTunes is also now piping through the house glitch free, just like the Main Street Electrical Parade :slight_smile:

So my interpretation is “if ATV 2.2 was forced upon you, update to 3.3.3. But if you still have ATV 2.1, DON’T update to 2.2 and you really don’t need 3.3.3, either.”

Fair interpretation?

Yes, you are essentially correct. If you like to use the Sapphire, ATV Files or Media Cloud, you should stick with 2.1 for the time being. Everything else seems to work fine in 2.2.

I’m assuming the same is still true for 3.3.4?