Any cheap universal remote that will work on atv out the box?

I just rejailbroke my atv to the latest and didn’t know it would erase the settings I programmed for my time warner remote. Does anyone know of a cheap remote that will work out the box with atv or does anyone know of a code that i can put in my time warner remote to work with apple tv. Just trying to save my self a long trip to the apple store to buy their 20 dollar remote.


Tell the Apple TV what buttons you want it to respond do. Takes about 2 minutes.

The ARi3G by Acoustic Research will work perfectly. They are about 10 Bucks

I also love the ARi3G by Acoustic Research. I got mine on eBay for about $6 each plus shipping. They are set for ATV right out of the box, and then they can also learn to control a couple of other devices (one of mine runs my ATV, my television and my stereo). They take 2 AAA batteries. I think they may be discontinued now, so I snapped up a couple.

you can use any uni control but I really like the the control the guys before me are talking about ari something. you can grab one  on ebay for about 6 dollars and it includes shipping. I find myself using it more then the actual apple remote because in a dark room it lights up when u pick it up


just paste this in the search on ebay and it will take you to the seller. it’s well worth the 6 bucks

Acoustic Research ARi3G Universal Remote

but if you are going to jailbreak the uni remote is not going to work so I guess you will have to just buy an original apple remote

Maybe I’m missing the point of your question, but… why not just use your existing Time Warner remote (you were using it before, right)?  You don’t need to input ANYTHING into the remote.  That’s the beauty of the Apple TV’s remote setup (Settings->General->Remotes).

 I use my iphone for my remote!

I use my iPad for remote.

If your iPad is JB then please install Rowmote PRO version free from Installous and this is awesome with keyboard.

Works very well with XBMC and easy to search movies and tv shows etc. etc…