Any chance of ever plugging in external USB drive to ATV v2?

Question says it all. Thanks…

None whatsoever!

The ATV2 is recognised as a USB device (by iTunes for example) but it doesn’t have a USB host controller and will therefore not be able to host other USB devices.

A bit of a bummer, I know.


More likely you’d find a Bluetooth to USB adapter at Fry’s and pair that with the AppleTV2 to provide a remote “virtual” USB port… not that I’ve done it, but seems a more likely path to take.

I can’t see that a bluetooth to USB adapter would work; I’m sure if it was that easy it would have been done and posted in the forum before now.

The adapter would surely need to have some kind of device driver to access the USB drive. Usually these things plug into a computer with the necessary drivers and software. I’m very willing to be proven wrong though.