Any agreement that the subscription fee won't increase for the next version?

Is there a customer agreement that keeps the $7 annual subscription fee from going up every year? For example if we pay the $7 the first year and then you feel that in order to maintain the product you have to raise the fee to say $12 per year for 6 Pro and then $15 for 7 Pro then we’d be back to better off purchasing each rev.

Many companies have it where the annual subscription fee is guaranteed (in writing) as long as you don’t cancel the subscription so as long as we paid the $7 annually then it’d stay $7 for as long as we subscribed.

That’s pretty much how Apple’s subscriptions work.

If you subscribe at price X, and the price stays there, your subscription will continue. If the price increases, Apple sends you a note and requires that you resubscribe at the new price. If you do nothing, your subscription will be canceled.

If you subscribe to Infuse Pro before December 11th, the price will remain at $4.99 (or whatever the equivalent price is in your local currency) forever. Due to Apple’s current policies regarding price increase/decreases this discount can only happen once, so this will be the only time a discounted subscription of Infuse Pro will be available.

I have a similar concern.

I happily subscribed to infuse pro 5 after paying for infuse pro 4 less than 12 months ago - because I use it all the time and I’m very happy with it.

But I think people are concerned that the reduced subscription price means nothing if Infuse pro 6 comes out next year as a new and seperate app with a higher subscription price.

We would no choice but to unsubcribe to 5 and subscribe to 6. Personally I can’t see it happening, because the annual subscription fee is cheaper than what it would cost to buy outright once a year. So it doesn’t make sense financially for the company.

But I think it’s a valid concern seeing as you just did that with 4/5, and people would like to know if their subscription price will really be “forever” - i.e. will all further updates now be applied to this app?

That’s a valid concern, though with this new subscription model things are a bit different than they have been in the past.

In a nutshell, those that subscribe to Infuse Pro will never need to download a ‘new’ app. Everything will be an update for their existing app. If your subscription is active, your Pro features will work. If your subscription is canceled, you’ll still have the app (and any future updates) but no Pro features.

The standalone paid version will have a ‘new’ app when major updates (v6, v7, etc…) are released.

Hope that helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

Thanks, James. That’s what I thought, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.