Another tvOS 14 anomaly

Anyone else notice that since tvOS 14 came out the CEC Apple TV sleep isn’t delayed on “Off” anymore?

Since tvOS 13 something changed and when you used CEC with Apple TV and you turned off the TV the Apple TV would stay on for about 7 seconds afterward before going to sleep. I’m guessing it was to do some housekeeping before sleep but since tvOS 14 the Apple TV goes to sleep as soon as the TV is turned off.

Just a curiosity.

I have it turn everything off (receiver and tv) and that always happened instantly for me, on tvOS 13 too. Now since my screen was off I don’t know that the Apple TV technically in sleep mode yet or not. :man_shrugging:t3:

I was just going by the light on the front of the ATV, it’d stay on for 7 seconds after I turned off the TV until tvOS14 and now it’s instantaneous.

Oh well, just another thing that makes ya go hmmmmmmm…