Another in-app purchase for DTS

Finally DTS support is available in Infuse, at the cost of another in-app purchase.
I was expecting it to be a free upgrade but obviously I was wrong.
Perhaps DTS is charging a lot for licensing.
Anyway thanks for this upgrade.

Yes, I realized that when I updated. I already paid 7.99 for Infuse 2 in-app purchase. It’s 2.99 for Infuse 3… I actually was under the impression since I paid for the previous in-app purchase, I could just restore… Guessed wrong.

We would have loved to make this available at no cost for all existing Pro users, but licenses are expensive and it just wouldn’t have been possible for us to do. Future versions will also add other Infuse 3 Pro only features.

Don’t care about the price, keep up the good work

Happy to support a good developer. A small price for licencing covers the fees and all the additional effort to integrate DTS into Infuse. Keep up the good work!

I have just raised a support ticket but if I understand correctly, to upgrade to Infuse 3 Pro, there is a 1.99 upgrade charge? I am OK with this as it is the best video app, and had purchased Infuse V1. Can you confirm please? Thanks.

Right - Infuse 2 Pro users only pay the price difference.

In the US that is $2.99.

Thanks for clarifying so quickly James. Seems very reasonable and I will now duly purchase!

Great product, bought Infuse 2 yesterday morning, and upgraded to 3 Pro in the evening.

However, the upgrade to Pro does not seem to reflect in my other devices, or through Family sharing? I have tried hitting the restore button a few times, but Infuse does not seem to recognize that I have upgraded to Infuse 3 Pro on any of my other devices, or my family shared devices.

Hope you can help.

Sanjay from India