Another cover art question

Sorry but I didn’t see an answer for this. I googled and used the search functionality here but came up with nothing specific but I could of missed it.

So I have no issues making custom covers for my videos. Just create a JPG or PNG image (preferably 1000x1500) with the same name as the video and you’re good to go. I always use the grid view so when I tap a video I get that pre-play screen with the pop-up. If I understand it correctly the background is just the same cover image but blurred? Unless you provide something else right? That’s not the important question though (sorry, I digress)

My real question is about the actual pop-up. The same 1000x1500 image is displayed on the left side of the pop-up and to the right is the title any available metadata–when I’m in landscape. When I rotate my iPad and tap a video, that pop-up changes so the image is on top and designed for different proportions so it will not use the 1000x1500 image. How can I use a custom image for that popup? Is it even possible? I’ve tried the different names referenced in the Metadata 101 and Cover Art reference articles but none of them work (-poster, -atv).

Please advise.

Thank you.

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The wide artwork is referred to as ‘fanart’ and to add your own simply add an image with 16x9 dimensions and add -fanart to the title. E.G.


More info on this can be found here.