Another ATV4/Infuse Start Up Anomaly

I have two ATV4s (not 4K) one is a 32G and the other is a 64G.

When launching the Infuse app on the 32G, it opens with a blank dark grey screen matching the dark mode color for a few seconds until the home screen appears.

Where the strangeness comes in is that on the 64G instead of a blank dark grey screen it has a dark grey screen with a real nice Infuse orange logo and the name “Infuse” in white. This lasts for a few seconds until the home screen loads.

They are both on 5.6.2 so why the nice splash screen on the 64G but not the 32G?

This is totally repeatable.

The answer is simple… 64GB users get special perks.

JK :wink:

Are both devices set to the same resolution? Same tvOS version?

There is 5.6.3 update waiting review at Apple which might be worth installing once they get around to reviewing it.

Same on both. Just really strange. Should the logo and name be there on start up or not?