Anomalies in TV show seasons display


First off Infuse has become my video player and media library front end of choice - love it, great playback, way more reliable than the Plex client - great work, cannot wait for 6!

However I have a little issues and I wonder if anyone can help me resolve it?

I am using Infuse 5 Pro on a 4K ATV I am connecting to a local Plex Server - using a favourite shortcut from the share (not via library or the automatically created favourite icons) - I have inconsistent display of TV seasons,

For any given TV show - with one or more season - I see two different behaviours. The behaviour never changes, but I cannot see a pattern:

Select one TV show and I see cover artwork for each season, select one and I get the episodes.

Select another TV show and I see a number of grey folders one per season, select one of these and I then see the cover art work for the season, select that and I get the episodes.

Obviously the latter situation is not desirable, and unseen if I use the library tile to access my shows or indeed the automagically created TV Shows icon - they all behave like the first type…

Why do I see some shows with Grey Folders - how can I over come it, is it a Plex data issue?

Any advice on this would b greatly appreciated.


This is sort of expected right now, as Infuse is a bit more limited when browsing files via a normal folder view.

Have you tried using the Library for your TV shows? This will often provide a much better experience as Infuse will be able to display consistent artwork at all levels (Series, Season, Episode).

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have solved my problem - I renamed all my tv shows correctly - so the file name “show” is at the start of each video file name…

For instance in show folder XXXX I have Season 1 and Season 2 folders and episodes are named XXXX - 1x01 - blah in season 1 and so on.

Totally fixed my issue!

Mind you had to rename over 4,000 files :slight_smile:

I did not realise when you link to Plex that the libraries are just folders in infuse…


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