Anime Metadata: Why Infuse can't find One Piece?

Hello !

After one hour of trying, I have to surrender. It’s impossible for me to have my anime One Piece correctly stored in my Infuse library.

I’m not a newbie about Infuse and Metadatas, but this time I don’t know how to make it works.

First, I had all my files renamed like One_Piece.E878 >> Didn’t work.

So, I tried the same naming than ALL my animes like Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, etc…

One_Piece.S20E01 ( like it’s on on TVDB site: ワンピース - 世界驚愕 第五の海の皇帝現る! - ) >> Didn’t work.

For the fun, I tried the ‘edit’ button and typed One Piece in the search box, and no results… lame…

Why is it sooooooo complicated ? Does someone know how to make it works? ( reminder: ALL my animes are working with the exact same naming, Name_Of_Anime.SXXEXX )

Thank you


First, Infuse needs the season number to know to look at thetvdb for the info. Second, would you mind renaming the file back to “One Piece S20E01.mkv” (or leaving it as that if you haven’t changed it back) and then force quitting Infuse and restarting it and see if it finds the series when you do an Edit Metadata?

Thanks for your answer.
All the files are now One_Piece.SXXEXX anyway.
I tried to kill ans restart infuse, refresh > no results.
I tried reboot the ATV, no results.

I just created a test series of your show and Infuse pulled it up after a restart of the app. I didn’t even have to do an edit metadata. Where are you located at?

Ok that’s even weirder ! You have the cover art and description too?

Not sur about your last question, you mean the file location?
It’s on a NAS, in a folder Videos/Shows/One Piece. All my animes are stored lile this.
( my Location os France tho :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tried to remove all the files, and put them again.
Now Infuse created me the “Season” folders, with the good episodes inside each, but for all seasons I have the same cover art “Season 12” and there is no episode name or description. See attached pic

Yup, both cover art and descriptions. And yes, France is what I was looking for, we have had some cases of thetvdb being blocked in some countries. I’ve attached pics of what I have for file structure and what I end up with.


Thank you for your help. I managed somehow to fix the issue. For me this is a real bug here.

I activated the List View in settings. After that I went into Favorites > TV Shows. Here on the shows list, I saw that the title of this show was only numbers, like 375849 ( and it was not the TVDB ID ).

So from here I went into the show and hold-press on one season. Here was the Edit Metadatas option, and I was able to choose the same as the one on your screenshot. After that all the seasons reformated good and all is OK.

Don’t know why my infuse got all messed up this time…

Sounds like it just took some time to populate all of the metadata with the correct info after loading the wrong before the number ID was a leftover from a past version of Infuse that got corrected in the last version or two.

Glad you’re running now.

Not sure about that, because my One Piece files were put there yesterday just before my post. This morning the wrong data was still there.

Anyway, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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