Anime Hunter X Hunter Not Grouping into a Collection

Hunter X Hunter has 148 episodes, and it seems there is no metadata available. At least, is there a way to group a shown into a collection manually? Thanks.

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How do you have the files named?

They are in this format: Hunter x Hunter - 76 [1080p].mkv

If you follow the naming format given in the users guide it will get all the right artwork and metadata automatically for this series.

I just did a test and the Hunter X Hunter series worked great with this file structure and naming style.

Edit to add:

The above gives this

And up one level to the seasons screen

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Thanks. THat’s a lot fo renaming, though!

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You’re welcome!

Once you get in the habit of naming new files in compliance it’s a lot easier. I had to spend a few hours when I started using Infuse but now it’s routine.

Don’t forget that if you’re managing your files on a Mac there’s a group rename function too that may help a little.

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