Animation Series can be found in TMDB but not in Infuse

Hi All,

Has any one encountered an issue where you can obviously find a certain a series in TMDB but while search metadata in Infuse, it’s not available?

I have an example here. A relatively older Japanese animation series “GTO”. I can find it in TMDB website.

But when I use Infuse to search the same keyword “GTO”, this animation series is not available.

I’ve been using Infuse for few years, thought I know quite well how it works, but can’t really figure out what have I done wrong here.

Any idea?


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Try naming your files “Great Teacher Onizuka S01E01.mkv”

Worked like a charm.

For wha_chen


The reason you couldn’t find it in the search is without the SxxExx in the file name Infuse would interpret this name as a movie and would not search TV shows.

While there are other options the file name format and folder structure above work the best for me.


Problem solved (:+1:t3:), but tips for anyone else stopping by:

When things don’t work, always first try renaming (movies / tv series) exactly as TMDB does — hence @NC_Bullseye suggestion — and according to the rules he mentioned.

You can’t trust shorthand to translate through the algorithm.

TMDB scraper even has difficulty occasionally with perfectly named files (especially when those titles have short, one-word names). In these rare cases, try renaming files to any listed “alternate titles” which might be more specific.

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