Android TV as server?

What I want to achieve here is the server comes online when ever TV is turned on. Did anyone try it?

Here’s my plan(if it works)
A USB drive(SSD or pendrive) is always plugged in to Android TV(not box but actual TV like TCL or hisense that has Android/Google tv os) that acts as server (sambha, NFS etc) infuse obviously is on apple tv both Android TV and Apple tv are connected to switch/router. Will it work? Ofcourse we need some TV app but still.

I have my Sony X900H as an Emby server. Just install the Emby Server app for Android on the TV.

Okay ill try that. thanks for your reply
Edit1: it works. However we need an apk file from emby media website(since it’s official website no need to worry). Will check performance and update
Edit 2: looks like it’s hard to get USB path in Android.