and still no 5.1

well, i’m using the latest atvflash. i am connected via HDMI to my av receiver and i know that it is capable of receiving 5.1 channels: the atv splash menu and downloaded iTunes movies play appropriately, the receiver “sees” 5.1 channels.

yet, despite much reading of the handbrake and atvflash forums, i can not get nitoTV to see 5.1 on my ripped dvd’s. AC3 passthrough is enabled in the appropriate atvflash settings (i have tried this with ATV files installed, also with it removed: in the latter case, I believe the only AC3 passthrough option is in Sapphire(?)). dolby digital out is enabled in the atv settings. and i have, i believe, properly encoded the audio tracks: first, via the AppleTV presets on handbrake, then reversing these so that AC3 passthrough is track one; AAC stereo track two. Neither works. and sapphire plays no audio whatsoever.

Obviously, I’m quite frustrated. Any help would be appreciated…


uh,… well. a hard restart MIGHT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

i get 5.1 in sapphire now and will check nitoTV!

… for I am Costanza, King of the Idiots.

I am getting 5.1 OK using MTR 3 full disc extraction then converting to .m4v using the “universal” default setting in Handbrake version 0.9.4 which makes 1st audio track AAC and 2nd AC3 passthrough. I put the resulting files in a folder called Movies on an external hard drive and play them via the NitoTV/files option.

What I can’t get is 5.1 from DVD Video_TS files. I have just upgraded to ATV 3.0.2 and ATVFlash 4.1 which promises 5.1 from DVD Video_TS files. Has anyone successfully achieved this yet and if so how please?

You will want to ensure the ‘AC3 Passthrough’ option is enabled in the Maintenance --> Settings menu. DVDs will then have full 5.1 sound when played through nitoTV.