An interesting metadata match error

File is on Google Drive running 7.3.5

The order returned comes from TMDb. I would check with them if that first item shouldn’t be showing up. It’s supposed to be ordered by popularity

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I had no issue with that movie scanning in correctly the other day.

X-Men First Class (2011) [various sundry info]

X-Men 5 First Class 2011 also works well and will still display the correct title in infuse, plus you can stack the movies in order using the movie order number.

What is the purpose of the leading “dash” in the file name?

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Probably not a dash in the filename, but it looks like there is an NFO file present for this video, which can be select by tapping that box.

The actual filename is listed above, but cutoff in this screenshot.

Sorry, I should’ve kept the entire image.

Here it is, and there is no dash.

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