An interesting glitch...

So, I recently set up a home network, with my apple TV connecting to an Airport Time Capsule which is wirelessly extended to an airport extreme. The time capsule is strictly for time machine backups. The airport extreme is strictly for streaming content on my home LAN. Connected to the airport extreme I have 3 external hard drives, from which I stream all of my content. I went to set up Infuse on my apple tv and it immediately identifies both the time capsule and extreme without difficulty. I click on the time capsule, and all of my back ups files are visible, just like they should be. I click on my Extreme, and instead of displaying the 3 connected hard drives, it displays all of my backups, just like if I had selected the time capsule.

Now, I worked around it, adjusting my settings in the airport utility to give all of my devices a fixed IP address via DHCP reservations, and manually entering the IP address of my airport extreme in infuse. But, thats a bit inconvenient, and annoying, knowing that it sees my extreme, but points to the wrong files. I know there is not anything wrong with the network, as it works flawlessly on all my computers, and runs perfectly with kodi, so it must be a software glitch, right?

Does any one have a similar experience? explanation? fix?

Thanks in advance,