An error ocurred

Hey guys, this afternoon I had an issue with iCloud/infuse it said there was a large amount of data on iCloud that needed to sync. Now, apparently the problem was solved, I already did the sync but now I’m getting “An error occurred loading this content.” I have all my data in Google Drive. Its infuse, iCloud or why I cant watch movies? this is the first time having an issue with infuse :confused:

Btw this is happening in iOS & TVOS

There is another thread already running about this Lost all data with iCloud Sync

Seems there are some major issues with iCloud and some apps. Probably best to turn off iCloud sync on everything for Infuse and wait till Apple gets things ironed out.

I’m still having this problem I already disabled the cloud sync also a friend too is having this problem, you or other users have this issue?

Yesterday I notice that I the only movies I was able to watch was the ones that had the resolution un de description…today none of them has the description and can’t watch any movie/tv show

Apple is still having issues with iCloud. If you synced your data it may need to rebuild since the data on iCloud that it syncs to was questionable.

You can see the status of the CloudKit that is used by apps here System Status - Apple Developer