"An error occurred"

Synology NAS

I’ve been having intermittent issues with files stuck at buffering despite previous FTP speed tests at 800 Mbps. I tried deleting InFuse and reinstalling on the ATV. Now every movie is stuck at buffering, and I can’t run a speed test on specific M2ts files like before. I’m able to navigate within the NAS file structure, but I try to run the test it responds “An error occurred”.

I’m near the end of my ideas at this point. Any suggestions?

I have a similar problem using an external HD plugged into my AirPort Extreme. Starting yesterday after a surprise power outage, I haven’t been able to consistently access any content via my ATV. My home screen shows all of the recent additions, and I can click into them, but when I try to start playing something, I get the spinning wheel with a message saying “An error occurred”. Everything works fine with Infuse on my iPhone, and I have no issues accessing the files via VLC on my ATV. Like Shane, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and restarting the ATV, but have had the same problem each time on all of my ATVs. For a little while yesterday afternoon, I was able to get to my TV shows if I played a movie first, but now that workaround seems to be gone also.