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Every time when I come home, I turn on my computer, wait until it loads and has a network connection, turn on the infuse, select a show and play it I see this error message and every time I need to force close the infuse and reopen it. Only this resolves the issue. What may be the reason? I never had this and it started 2-3 months ago after updates.


It sounds like Infuse is having to find your computers address every time you restart your computer. Do you have your computer set for dynamic or static IP address? Also you may want to check in Infuse Settings > Shares > Saved Shares (select the one your video files are on) > Edit Share > Check your address and then click on > Advanced and see if you have a mac address listed, if not you can put your computers mac address here and it helps Infuse find it faster.

It is dynamic I guess, it I will try to enter the MAC now in Advanced. Thanks a lot for coming back so fast!