"An error occurred"

Ever since the latest update (5.5) I get this error at random (but very regular intervals). This also happens on iOS (iPad, iPhone). What did you break?!

Sorry you are running into trouble.

Please send in a report from your device so we can look further into this. Thanks!

I’ve submitted a few logs already, and am still waiting. In the meantime your support dept. drew the conclusion that it had problems connecting with my MacMini. I hope the logs will show it has more problems, because from what I see it has a hit and miss with it. When I start up Infuse and hit the favorite of my choice it will list the correct files, so it can connect and refresh. And then when I start a show/movie/whatever it will complain. This all started two versions ago (when I posted the thread), and the main thing that was changed was the library… As the library doesn’t show hierarchies in their filenames I don’t (didn’t?) want to use it. A whole bunch of icons named “S01E01- Pilot”, “S01E01 - A New Beginning”, etc. doesn’t show me what show it is… So I always drilled down directories in the various favorites I set.

Any idea on the status of that? Usually you’re (as in the Support Dept.) pretty quick but this seems to drag on…

Thanks. I see your ticket here and it is currently being investigated.

in https://community.firecore.com/t/-/14773 I’ve added a post with a little workaround that seems to work for me. At least for now… Do you have any idea when will be contacted, 'cause so far it is extremely silent…