"An error occurred" with Jellyfin 10.8.10

After updating to Jellyfin 10.8.10, I get an error when trying to play any content on Apple TV, iOS, and MacOS (Infuse 7.5.2).

“An error occurred. An error occurred loading this content.”

Haven’t seen anyone else mentioning this anywhere, sorry if it’s been addressed. Normally I would just rollback the server but the Jellyfin update patched a huge security exploit.

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Would be grateful to hear from anyone else who’s updated whether they’ve had the same problem. Jellyfin issues don’t seem to be given any priority with Infuse devs, so I’m nervous to update and not be able to play my content indefinitely.

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Not sure if this ended up being something on my end with Jellyfin or not but now everything just works :man_shrugging:t2:.

I seriously didn’t do anything since making this post. I’m still on Jellyfin 10.8.10 and Infuse 7.5.2 but all of my Infuse clients are working as expected again… Maybe it just needed to resync/refresh everything? I’m unsure, but at any rate it should be fine to make the jump to JF 10.8.10.


Infuse 7.5.2 and JellyFin 10.8.10 work great here.

The last time there was an issue with Infuse and JellyFin James & the team had a fix within a day. Damn quick response!!

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This issue took a month to resolve, and the only comment from the developer was “good to hear” after an infuse update happened to fix the problem. No acknowledgement until that point, or even communication that it was being looked into.

There’s an ongoing issue in the beta thread that hasn’t been acknowledged by the developer (not connected to a beta release, so I’m not sure why the forum moderator hid it away there).

I have an open support issue (in the forum and by email) that has been ignored for months and months.

I’m glad your experience has been that the developer provides a “Damn quick response!!” - my experience has been that he’s taking me for a ride.

Anyway, I’m pleased to know I can update my Jellyfin server without losing access to my content again :+1:

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I don’t use Jellyfin but I followed your thread anyway (I follow all of them :man_shrugging:t2:); and it’s a bummer you haven’t gotten the issue resolved yet, as I’ve seen you try giving the team all the info you could with which to work. It’s certainly understandably frustrating when Firecore personally responds early on, but then … kind of ghosts you before you think anything has been resolved.

Unfortunately I also noticed that no one else was reporting the same issue; and my guess is that when only individual users, or just two or three of them, are active in reporting potential bugs to Infuse (and especially when no more join in over a longer time span) … it’s pretty easy for such issues to be swept out of mind as reports of more recent, more pressing issues come in (especially when they come with many more users complaining).

I’ve experienced this myself. I’m trying not to take it too personally. Certainly I wish others were noticing the same things I am, and cared enough to make a fuss. But … often enough, that’s clearly not been the case. :upside_down_face:

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