An error occurred when trying to view any videos


I have Google Drive connected to Infuse 6 on Apple TV, and every movie I try to play I get a pop up that says “An error occurred. An error occurred loading this content.” Everything was working just fine this morning, and then all of a sudden, no files will play. I’ve had no issues in the past playing any of the movies I have on my Google Drive with Infuse on my Apple TV.

I’ve tried to force quit the app, and re-open. Nothing.
I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it. Nothing.
I’ve checked for the latest tvOS version, and this is the latest.
I’ve restarted the Apple TV as well. Nothing.

Any suggestions?

Infuse Pro 6.3 (2932). I also have the yearly subscription.
tvOS 13.3.1 (17K795)

If things were working earlier it sounds like you may have hit a limit on Google drive. Sometimes Google will lock you out after what it sees as a bunch of activity. Between streaming and the caching of video that may have tripped it. If you just added Google drive the initial gathering of metadata for the file on Gdrive can cause this too.

Give it a few hours to time out (don’t know exactly how long they lock it up but it could be up to 24 hours) and check it again.

had the same problem as other also have commented.

Solution: inside the folder where my content is on gdrive I created a folder for each letter of the alphabet and placed each content where it corresponded.

Infuse now loads the content faster and now it play correctly, no more “An error has ocurred”

I believe it to be a timed out issue. It resolved itself.

However I will also take your advice Elokitox and put the files in a folder for each letter of the alphabet. What do you do about movies that start with a number?

I’d be a little leery of adding an additional 26+ sub folders that adds to the overhead. Not sure that would gain you anything other than making it a little easier to manage. Haven’t heard of that adding any speed before.