"An error occurred" (over 40 items in a folder)

I have a hard drive which is connected to the router. One of the folders has movies in it, and I’ve added this folder into Favorite Share (over NFS). The problem occurs when I have more than 39 items in the folder (either files or files + folders). If there are 39 items - everything works fine, but once the number hits 40 and more - then I get “An error occurred” message when trying to open the folder. Can this be fixed somehow?

Hmm, this shouldn’t be related to the number of videos - 40 files isn’t really that many.

Would you mind sending in a report from your device and opening a support ticket?

Thanks, James.
Uploaded diagnostics log, # K1NN4.
Right now there are 40 files in the folder and it’s showing the error. What’s interesting - I can still watch videos that are showing in history, but cannot get inside the folder.

man I have got the same problem also
I connect external hard drives to my macair and everything works wonderful until one day the sentence “an error occurred” appear a lot. I mean it is driving me into frustration as it all appears good but when you press the play button and it says error and a few files later the whole screen went “an error occurred”.

What is confusing me the most is that… It used to work perfectly. I have really high speed internet and am using Google Wi-Fi so I guess there is nothing wrong in the connection department.

By the way I am using the 4K and unlike some the HDR and 4K loading is absolutely spot on! With Infuse I can play every kind of video you can imagine. But this connection problem is making me nuts. I am no tech expert so please tell me there is a easier way round this instead of going full command…

I’m having the same issue of “error loading” and indexing failure. Used Infuse without issue on 1/4/18, watching 2 movies. Last night is when all of the error started. No updates to ATV4, network router, or Windows PC acting as NAS. Any help would be great. Extremely frustrating at this point.

And you have no problems if you keep the number of files to 39 or less also?

I would need to try to reconfigure as I have two 4TB drives in use and well over 40 movies. Like I said it worked without issue 1/4 and then error messages starting 1/5. Each individual folder contains .vob files from ripped DVDs.

Sorry, you said you were having the same problem and the thread title was ““An error occurred” (over 40 items in a folder)” so I was just trying to verify the issue.

Since you’re having a different problem you may wish to start a thread with the specifics to what you’re encountering and not get diluted responses from those with the 40 count issue.

Solved my own mystery. My router somehow reassigned my PC with a different address, switching from .130 to .131. Unfortunately I couldn’t change the address in the edit share function. Deleted old share and updated to new with correct ip. Sorry I couldn’t help with the 40 files issue as my error was evidently unrelated.

Feel free to delete my comments from this thread.