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using Black Apple TV with latest software update… Although it recognizes MacBook and Itunes lib;

I cannot play anything - an error occurred loading this content

I cannot play anything from my Iphone and or ipad - an error occurred & and an error occurred loading this content, please try again later.

This is not what I paid for!

This error is actually there since the previous update, help help help


Hi Marcel,

I’ve not had the same issue, but would propose some “back to basics” troubleshooting.

Consider restarting your Mac and clearing the PRAM - at the grey startup screen (before it displays the Apple) hold command + option + P + R until you hear the startup chime twice.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, I’d perform the Jailbreak on your ATV again, try your media, then continue to install ATV Flash.

Good luck and let us know how you progress.


Thanks to that trick the whole media player doesnt work anymore!


Media cant even find my mac anymore while my mac has sharing enabled.


Sorry BASV,

Clearing gthe PRAM will not cause the media player not to work.

Have you redone the jailbreak and ATV installation?