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As mentioned in this topic:

I’ve also been seeing this a lot recently, but I don’t use Google Drive.

It started a few versions ago (AppleTV version).

Before, I would see the error very, very rarely. For example, if the network actually went down.

Now, intermittently, I see if when the app resumes from background. The screensaver has kicked-in, and then dismissed. After using the task switcher to return to infuse.

My setup is wired gigabit ethernet to NAS drives. It seems uncorrelated with network usage, and I usually see it when playback isn’t currently happening.

Rarely an evening goes by without me seeing it more than once!

Do you have the MAC address of your server included in the share info? That has helped a few folks with connections issues.

I came across that suggestion whilst looking for a solution.

I’ve just added it, will see how things go from now.


If you pause a movie and task switch out of infuse I believe Apple kills the connection to your SMB share which means you won’t be able to resume unless you resume playback from the main infuse screen.


Thanks for your reply.

Whilst there are certainly more restrictions on what can be done in background, that is irrelevant here. Firstly, it is happening in other circumstances that don’t involve leaving the app. Secondly, when switching back to the app, you’d be able to reestablish the connection. Infuse has a ‘Resume Playback’ setting, and it does remember progress between sessions.