An error occurred loading this content

Hi, posting this here as despite raising a support case on 27th December, and chasing last week, I have not had any response.

Whenever I try to play media files from my nas, the loading icon displays for a long while and then “An error occurred loading this content” eventually appears. The only way to get around this is to reboot the Apple TV.

The files are then able to be played - but this only lasts for a very short time. If you were to exit Infuse and go into it again, the problem will happen again and you need to reboot again.

I have noticed that there is also another error that displays when you select “Movies” or “TV Shows” and are at the screen where it says “All TV shows / Recently Added / Unwatched / By Genre”. At the bottom it says “Indexing failed for NAS (SMB)”. This is an error which I have previously reported in a previous version. With this new version it now just displays in a different place (at the bottom of the screen) instead of appearing in a dialogue box.

I have tried completely removing and then re-adding the nas share, but this did not resolve the problem.


Apologies for the delay - we’ve working to catch up on a bit of backlog of emails from the holidays.

What type of device are you streaming from?

One thing we currently have in progress is an all-new SMB implementation, which adds support for SMB3 as well as a number of other performance and reliability improvements. This will be available soon, and should improve the overall usability of SMB in Infuse.

No problem. I’m streaming from a Synology DS415+ NAS.

Interesting to hear about the plans, hopefully this will help resolve the problem.

I think this might be connected to the issue described here: SMB not working anymore
I see a similar behavior and restarting the NAS solves this issue temporary.

Another thing to check would to ensure SMB2 is enabled on your Synology, as it seems a recent DSM update may have modified this setting for some users.

A screenshot is attached which may help.

Thanks! So should it be SMB1 or SMB2 as minimum protocol? I encounter this issue regardless of this setting (SMB2 or SMB1).

Infuse supports both SMB1 and SMB2. The upcoming SMB implementation will add support for SMB3.

If this setting doesn’t make a difference for you, then your issue may be related to something else.

My maximum was set to SMB2, and minimum was SMB1.

I have changed this to
Maximum SMB3
Minimum SMB2

Will see how things go with that setting!