"An error occurred loading this content"????

What is it with bleedin’ apps like this? Are they all a total waste of space? Luckily I’m in the trial period for Infuse ‘Pro’ and will cancel before payment is taken I think. Everything is a CONSTANT battle with these apps, this and Plex, to keep on top of the damn issues. Change something here, expect it to break somewhere else!!!

For my LATEST time wasting escapade, several shows weren’t showing up, so I checked and renamed them accordingly. Now, they show up with metadata and play on the iPhone OK but NOT the ATV. Every single one of the renamed shows gets the “An error occurred loading this content”!!! I’ve rebooted the ATV, yes the sharing is ticked for SMB but still no go.

Just about sick and tired of these time wasting apps. Think I’ll go back to iTunes. The UI sucks but hey, IT WORKS!!!

Sorry to hear about that, but we’d be happy to take a look at what’s going on in your case.

If you have a chance, would you mind sending in a report from your Apple TV? A bit more info on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Not sure it’s too late now. I deleted everything and re-installed and re-mapped the shares. For now it’s all working.

Not wishing to sound overly harsh against Infuse 5, it’s certainly a damn sight easier than v4 to set up across devices. I’ve just been messing around trying to decide which to use having wasted countless hours with Plex and things CONSTANTLY breaking, esp as they have no proper support for IPv6 making remote access impossible for folks with ISPs using CGNAT for IPv4. As such I just need something that has a better UI than the ENDLESS scrolling that you get with iTunes UI, that will auto-play next episodes, and that I can download media to the iPad with for remote viewing (I used to use Plex for this but pretty much EVERY time I actually needed it I got the ‘Could not connect to server’ error, despite dozens of hours of tests and checking all was well - I ended up HATING Plex with a vengeance).

Only thing I can’t work out is that sometimes when I click ‘Use local metatda’ the folder just vanishes and I’m left with ‘Nothing to see here’. Also, under library view, what is supposed to be in other? Is that for files Infuse can’t match. It was rammed full of stuff a few days ago (presumably because it was fetching metadata), now almost empty save for a few rogue shows that I have now renamed (despite naming them correctly I often forget that iTunes screws up the file names AGAIN when you import, leaving you often with just the episode number and title so you have to rename again). Having now correctly named the shows, will Infuse trawl the files and correctly assign them to shows / seasons etc or do I have to clear all metadata first (I hope not seeing as the size of my library means it takes a while to compile it all again :()